About Crown Judaica

At Crown Judaica we carry only the finest and highest quality of Judaica in town. We cover a wide range of Judaica products, from Kippahs to Kittels, Tzitzit to tallit/Tefillin bags, Antique Leather Machzorim & Siddurim to mezuzah cases & Megillah Holders and much more. We specialize in gift packages for those special occasions like Upsherin, Bar/Bat mitzvah and Chassan/Kallah events. Here is a partial list of products we carry on hand in store:

  • Kippahs
  • Tallit & Tzitzit
  • Tallit/Tefillin Bags
  • Mezuzah & Megillah cases
  • Washing Cups
  • Machzorim, Siddurs, etc
  • Challah Covers & Challah Boards
  • Pesach Sets
  • Kitles
  • Gift Items